Vesco V60 Bypass Lopper with Lever

The Vesco range is made in Italy. The Vesco V60 bypass lopper has a special lever system, which allows it to prune branches of medium-large diameter

  • The lever-action assists with a wider cutting capacity and a lower cutting effort
  • Pruning with a bypass system leaves behind no protrusions on the pruned edge
  • The lopper’s thin shape and light weight make it very easy to handle
  • The blades are made from hot-forged and tempered steel


            Product item Vesco V60/60 Bypass Lopper Vesco V60/80 Bypass Lopper
            Cut capacity 40mm (1.6") 40mm (1.6")
            Total length 600mm (23.6") 800mm (31.5")
            Weight 810g (28.6oz) 970g (34.2oz)
            Qty / pack Each Each