Top Grafter

The Top Grafter manual tool was initially designed to replace the need for purchase of 2 tools (the Topgrafter and the bench mount attachment). While these tools were effective for the nurseries that moved from bench grafting to field grafting and vice versa. These tools were not designed for large nurseries performing numerous grafts per year and were not user friendly when bench mounted. The Top Grafter l was initially designed to replace these tools. Since then the foot pedal has been created to withstand years of heavy industrial use. The manual tool is very fast to set up and easy to use. Nurseries performing cuts on heavier stock such as macadamia nut have adopted the Top Grafter manual. A number of smaller nurseries, vineyards and orchards are using this tool due to the low cost and ease of use. The highly tempered steel blades handle wood from 3mm to 20mm (1/8" to 3/4") without adjustment of any kind. They have a clean slicing action and handle both soft and hard wood equally well and without bruising, A small efficient tool weighing approx. 1kg, the Top Grafter executes the long V cut most popular in Europe.
  • 1 per pack