Plastic Aerated & Net Pots

Aerated or air pots help produce superior plants in less time with no spiralling roots. They produce healthier plants due to greater resistance to biotic and abiotic stress, resulting in less cost on fungicides and pesticides. The roots are able to instantly establish in the landscape and maximises the plants ability to absorb nutrients and water. Less repotting is required.

Net pots are perfect for any hydroponic growing requirements. They are suited to a variety of growing mediums and allow liquid to flow freely past the plant’s roots.
This facilitates the absorption of nutrients and the roots will grow through the pot’s holes in search of water. The holes provide good air circulation and drainage = bigger roots = better plant health. Net pots offer a quick, easy, cost effective
and simple way to set-up your hydroponic system.

Air Pot Specifications:

Description 1.3L 3L 5L 9.5L 20L 50L
Diameter 140mm 190mm 230mm 285mm 330mm 500mm
Height 160mm 175mm 200mm 240mm 290mm 390mm
Qty / pack Each Each Each Each Each Each

 Net Pot Specifications:

Description Net Pot Net Pot
Diameter 100mm 125mm
Height 90mm 105mm
Qty / pack Each Each