pH Meter

Easy to use tester for pH levels in the soil. Preparation of Soil Sample:
  • 1. Remove topsoil to depth of 50mm.
  • 2. Use hand fork to loosen remaining soil, removing stones and other debris.
  • 3. Mix soil with water.
Preparation of Meter:
  • 1. Lightly abrade probe but not tip, with fine abrasive paper.
  • 2. Wipe with cloth or tissue.
Instructions on use:
  • 1. Insert probe into soil with a twisting motion.
  • 2. Leave for one minute then read dial.
  • 3. Remove, clean and prepare probe as previously described and repeat above by inserting the probe into a different but adjacent point to check the first reading.
Care Instructions:
  • Do not leave the probe in the soil for long periods.
  • Always clean the probe with cloth after use.
Assessing the Reading:
  • A reading of 4 to 7 = acidic soil
  • A reading of 7 to 10 = alkaline soil

To reduce acidity apply 300g/m2 of ground limestone for every 1ph increase required. To increase acidity apply 70g/m2 of sulphate of ammonia. 1 per pack