Snap 'n Grow Tubes

10 Reasons why to use Snap 'n Grow tubes:

  1. Ventilation - In warmer climates the young vine shoots are kept cooler, while in colder regions excess moisture is reduced.
  2. Protection against pesticides -There are no gaps in the tube for young shoots to grow through.
  3. Balanced growth - 62 square centimeters of growing space. This ensures balanced growth between the roots and the shoots.
  4. Easy to disassemble and remove - The grower can take full advantage of the protection and accelerated growth of the vine for a full season and then remove the tube quickly without damage to the shoots. The tube does not need to be removed before the vine is secured to the cordon wire.
  5. Multiple usage - Snap N’ Grow tubes are designed to last longer. The tube can be stored for reuse, reducing annual costs for the grower.
  6. Consistent diameter – Each tube has the same diameter, resulting in consistent and even growth for all vines in the vineyard using the same size tube. (Grow tubes with differing diameters and volumes result in different growth rates of individual vines.)
  7. Rounded edge at top - As the shoots grow out of the tube, the rounded edge minimises damage to the soft, green bark. Important for windy locations.
  8. Tested colour and light infiltration - Snap N’ Grow delivers excellent results in all climates and growth conditions.
  9. Compact storage - The design of the tubes allows the 2 halves to fit into each other, resulting in easy stacking and compact storage. Also resulting in fewer trips from vineyard to storage.
  10. Unique design – The structural ridges result in a high strength:weight ratio. Ventilation channels in the flange allow for ventilation while still keeping herbicides out.


    Product item Snap N' Grow Tubes
    Lengths 600mm or 735mm
    Diameter 90mm
    Qty / pack Each