Digital Min/Max In/Out Thermometer

Records current, maximum and minimum temperatures in and outdoors. Can be wall mounted. C and F selection switch. Temperature range:
  • Indoor: -10 degrees C to +50 degrees C
  • Outdoor: -50 degrees C to +70 degrees C
Fix the unit on the wall indoor with a screw and fix the sensor probe outdoor through the window or the wall with a small hole. Check the max. or min. temperature by pressing the Max/Min switch. The memory will show the max. or min. temperature of the period from last reset on the relative display. Reset the memory by pressing RESET switch once. Exchange degrees C & degrees F by the switch on back side. Use one 1.5 volt AAA battery. **When there is malformed display showing, please reset the unit by take out the battery for a few seconds.**
  • 1 per pack