Bio-Bud Rubber Strips

Made from a special natural rubber based compound. Easy to apply with a high rate of success on a wide variety of existing techniques and over a wide variety of plants



  1. Biodegradable – On exposure to the environment the strips will degrade naturally and fall off thereby eliminating labour costs to remove. Being a rubber compound, the strips will degrade at a faster rate and be absorbed into the soil.   
  2. Much cheaper option compared to other biodegradable budding tapes on the market
  3. Faster application – no preparation required. The strips attach quickly and easily providing an even pressure over bound areas which speeds up the grafting process. 
  4. Elastic Nature – The strips offer a tight grip on the grafting areas. It expands while the plant rows eliminating any chance of it penetrating the stem.   
  5. Permeability – The strips allow the bud to breathe by allowing air in and preventing moisture from escaping.  
  6. Protection – When the bud grows out, the strip is penetrated without breaking thereby offering continued protection to the graft areas from infection or insect attack.
  7. Environmentally Friendly – the strips are made from natural ingredients.   


Storage – Always keep the strips out of direct exposure to sunlight and stored under ambient temperature in closed cartons. Exposure to UV will initiate degradation of the strips.   


Packed – 8000 per carton


Size – 10mm wide x 200mm long