Bahco P34-37 Tree Pruner

The heavy duty Bahco P34-37 top pruner eliminates the need to use a ladder to get to those hard-to-reach branches. When using a top pruner, the counter blade is placed over the branch being cut, so that when the rope is pulled, the blade will cut from below, ensuring that the falling branch does not pull off a strip of bark from the tree. A 5m rope and plastic toggle/handle are also supplied with this tree pruner. 

Additional benefits of the Bahco P34-37 top pruner:

  • It has an adjustable clamp, which allows it to fit onto poles with diameters ranging from 25mm to 35mm.
  • A pruning saw blade can be mounted on top of the pruner. This allows you to saw occasional branches without having to remove the P34-37 from the pole.
  • The triple pulley action mechanism reduces the amount of effort needed.
  • It has a double-bevelled blade and a stamped, fully-hardened counter blade, which includes a sap groove to help prevent the blades from sticking. 


Product item Bahco P34-37 Tree Pruner
Cut capacity 40 mm
Weight 1260 g
Pole diameter 25-35 mm
Rope supplied 5 m
Qty / pack Each