Bahco 385-6T Pole Saws

The 385 Pole saws are ideal for any pruning that has to be done at heights over 3m. The 385 saw has fileable teeth. The blade tip is extended into a hook to prevent the blade sliding out of the kerf while you are sawing. TIP: This hook also comes in handy if you want to pull some branches out of the canopy after they have been cut.

There is a striking knife attached to the blade and handle to cut the bark before sawing through the branch, this will prevent the bark from stripping. 

This saw can be attached to extension or telescopic poles with a 25mm diameter. It is connected with the steel tube adaptor handle. Spare blades and sockets are available for pole saws. 


Product item Bahco 385-6T Pole Saw
Blade length 360mm
Weight 410g
Qty / pack Each