Frequently Asked Questions

The following set of frequently asked questions have been answered below.

Feel free to contact us if you cannot find the answer to your question.

In which countries do you have distributors?

We currently have distributors located in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Oceania. Please contact us for more information.

Why are there no prices on your website?

Prices vary depending on the quantity ordered. Simply contact us and we will gladly assist you with a quote.

How do I place an order with Plastrip?

You can place an order simply by contacting us with your request. Depending on the quantity ordered, we will get back to you with the best rate and all documentation required to complete the order process.

How do I check the delivery status of my order?

You will be given a tracking number and URL to click through and check the delivery status of your order online. Alternatively, you can contact us and we can supply you with an update.

What is the minimum order quantity that I can purchase for a product?

The minimum order quantity depends on the product ordered and the destination.

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