Vesco X37 Cordless Electric Shears - Double Battery

The Vesco range is made in Italy. The Vesco X37 cordless, “Robotic” pruning shears make use of rechargeable batteries, which allows for fast pruning with maximum freedom of movement.

  • Two opening modes selectable from the trigger
  • Recommended for use in fruit orchards
  • LCD screen allows the user to check the charge of the battery and the total number of cuts made
  • The interchangeable battery is connected to the body of the shear


  • The blades are made from hot-forged chrome vanadium steel (providing both strength and durability) with thinned counter blade
  • The body’s frame is constructed with hot-forged aluminium making it durable and light weight

Kit includes:

  • Two 54 Wh batteries
  • A multiple output charger (charges up to 2 batteries at the same time)
  • Packaged in a backpack


          Product item Vesco X37 Cordless Electric Robotic Shears - Double Battery
          Cut capacity 37mm (1.5")
          Total length 340mm (11")
          Weight 1200g (42.3oz)
          Qty / pack Each