Vesco X30 Cordless Electric Shears - Double Battery

The Vesco range is made in Italy. The Vesco X30 “Robotic” pruning shear is a cordless model that makes use of rechargeable batteries, which allows for fast pruning with maximum freedom of movement.

  • Two opening modes selectable from the trigger: 19mm (0.75”) or 32mm (1.3”)
  • The interchangeable battery is connected to the body of the shear
  • Less fatigue, due to the higher cutting speed
  • Ideal for vineyard and orchard use


  • The blades are made from hot-forged chrome vanadium steel providing both strength and durability
  • The body’s frame is constructed with hot-forged aluminium making it durable and light weight
  • The outer body shell is made with a nonslip, carbon-filled nylon material, making it comfortable to grip

Kit includes:

  • Two 38 Wh /cad batteries
  • A charging station (can accommodate up to 3 batteries at one time)
  • Packaged in a backpack


        Product item Vesco X30 Cordless Electric Robotic Shears - Double Battery
        Cut capacity 32mm (1.3")
        Total length 280mm (11")
        Weight 910g (32oz)
        Qty / pack Each