Vesco X100 Cordless Electric Saw

The Vesco range is made in Italy. The Vesco X100 cordless electric saw increases the speed of pruning. It makes use of rechargeable batteries, which allows for maximum freedom of movement, increasing productivity.

  • Fatigue-free pruning
  • The interchangeable battery is inserted directly on to the handle
  • The cut capacity (100mm) and carving bar allow for quick and precise cuts
  • Recommended for use in fruit orchards


  • A powerful brushless motor
  • A manually pumped 20ml oil tank for chain lubrication
  • A screw chain tensioner

Kit includes:

  • Two 38 Wh batteries (compatible with the Vesco X30 shears)
  • A multiple output charger (can accommodate up to 3 batteries at one time)
  • Packaged in a backpack


        Product item Vesco X100 Cordless Electric Saw
        Cut Diameter 100mm (3.9")
        Weight 1200g (42.3oz)
        Qty / pack Each