Vesco A4 Anvil Pruning Shear

The Vesco A4 anvil pruning shears are designed to have a standard anvil cut.

  • The sharp blade is mounted in an eccentric position to ensure the “pull cut” action by dragging the branch towards the rotation fulcrum. This pull motion reduces the effort needed to make the cut and helps hold the branch back.
  • The steel blade unit has a high carbon content and is hot forged and tempered with heat treatment.
  • The aluminium anvil is easy to replace.
  • There are 2 models differing in size: S designed for small hands and ML designed for bigger hands.


      Product item Vesco A4/S or A4/ML Anvil Pruning Shears
      Cut capacity 25mm
      Total length 210mm
      Weight 240g
      Qty / pack Each