Plastic Pole Caps

The hard plastic pole caps are manufactured with grooves and cut-outs to help guide and secure wires and cabling, while also protecting timber poles from being damaged by the wire. The end cap adds extra reinforcement to the pole, resulting in increased durability.

The grooves on top of the cap allow wires to sit securely on top of a pole and can hold wires and cables with diameters up to 6mm.

In the centre of the cap are indents where nails or metal stakes can be driven through the cap and bent over the cabling in order to lock it in place.

The 4 cut-outs that appear in the shoulder or side of the cap accommodate wires that run through the pole.

Specifications: - Plastrip supplies the pole caps in 2 sizes:

 Inside cap diameter



 Pole size diameter



 Outside cap diameter



 Wire diameter

 Up to 6mm

 Up to 6mm

 Cap shoulder height



 Qty / pack