ARS UV-47 Pole Saw

Pole saws are used for pruning difficult-to-reach places in forestry, landscaping and arborist applications. The ARS UV-47 pole saw has a large curved blade with Turbocut teeth, allowing it to effectively cut all types of wood.

The blade tip of the UV-47 pole saw is extended into a hook to prevent the blade sliding out of the kerf while sawing. This hook is also useful for removing branches from the canopy of trees after they have been cut.

The UV-47 model of pole saw has a bark cutter just below the blade, which is used to cut the bark before sawing through the branch, helping prevent stripping of the bark. In addition, the bark cutter is conveniently used when needing to remove twigs or creepers.


Product item ARS UV-47 Pole Saw
Full length 670mm
Weight 500g
Blade length 470mm
Blade pitch 4.5mm
Cutting width 1.6mm
Qty / pack Each