Dura Cut & Hold Pruning Shears

The Dura range of secateurs are competitively priced against other more expensive pruning shear brands, while still offering a good quality tool that is tried and tested.
The Dura secateurs' high-grade forged carbon steel blades and sap groove ensure sharpness and longevity, while the robust, lightweight aluminium handles have a built-in centre adjustment. Spare blades and springs are available to order, thus increasing the pruning shears’ lifespan.
The Dura Cut & Hold pruners facilitate easy cutting of flowers and can be used for rapid harvesting in commercial applications. The Cut & Hold mechanism is especially suited for roses as it allows you to easily cut a stem using secateurs in one hand and continue holding the cut-off with the shears. You can then place the stem directly in a carton for packaging, thus reducing the risk of touching the rose’s thorns.


Product item Dura Cut & Hold Shear
Cut capacity 25 mm
Total length 215 mm
Qty / pack Each