Vesco C50/32 Curved Blade Saw & Sheath

The Vesco range is made in Italy. The Vesco C50/32 curved blade pruning saw makes use of a pull-stroke action, which ensures a clean and precise cut.

  • This saw comes with a protective plastic sheath, which has a flat rotating belt-loop for ease of use.
  • The blade has tempered teeth, which form a three-sided cutting edge, making it exceptionally strong and durable, delivering a superior cut
  • The blade has a chrome finish applied to it, which makes for smooth and nearly effortless sawing
  • The handle has been ergonomically designed and made of composite material to enhance the user’s comfort


    Product item Vesco C50/32 Curved Blade Saw & Sheath
    Blade length 320mm (12.6")
    Weight 335g (11.8oz)
    Qty / pack Each