ARS CB-8 Pruning Shears

The ARS pruning range is a top quality Japanese brand that uses high quality steel to give their pruners a sharp cutting edge.

The lightweight and well-balanced ARS CB-8 pruning shears are very effective, because of their exceptionally sharp blades, which can cut thick branches or vines and can handle heavy duty pruning with ease. The CB-8 secateurs are ideal for most pruning jobs in orchards, vineyards, nurseries and landscaping. 

The ergonomic design of the CB-8 shears allows for a larger jaw opening and a relatively small grip opening, eliminating fatigue. The upper handle is coated with rubber to fit comfortably into the palm of your hand. It has an innovative, spring-loaded safety lock that can be unlocked by squeezing the handles together with one hand. 


Product item ARS CB-8 Pruning Shears 
Cut capacity 22 mm
Total length 205 mm
Weight 210 g
Qty / pack Each