ARS 160-0.6 Cut & Hold Long Reach Pruning Shears

The ARS pruning range is a top quality Japanese brand that uses high quality steel to give their pruners a sharp cutting edge.

The 160-0.6 Cut & Hold long reach pruning shears are ideal for cutting roses and other delicate plants. The 60cm long handle provides extra reach, while the Cut & Hold feature is ideal for harvesting cut flowers with long delicate stems that you do not want to damage (such as lilies). The cutting head has an integrated Cut & Hold grip to hold flowers or branches that have been cut off, for easy removal from the plant.

The long reach pruning shears have a lightweight aluminium handle, but are still incredibly strong, as the blades are made of chrome-plated hardened steel and are therefore more rigid, while being resistant to rust. The rotating handle enables the user to make cuts from any angle. 


Product item ARS 160-0.6 Cut & Hold Long Reach Pruning Shears
Cut capacity 8 mm
Total length 600 mm
Weight 360 g
Qty / pack Each