Vesco S2 Professional Hedge Shears with Wavy Blade

The Vesco S2 Hedge Shears are designed for professional use.
• The tool is ideal for pruning hedges and intricate ornamental works of art.
• The wavy configuration of the blades enables better grip on branches during cutting operations.
• The tool has tempered carbon steel blades for durability. It features a shock-absorber and cushion for user comfort.
• The handles, made from alloy aluminum, are equipped with ERGOGRIP for ergonomic, non-slip handling, constructed from bi-component materials.
• Available in two lengths to suit various needs.


Product item VES-S2/55 VES-S2/75
Length 550mm (21.7”) 750mm (29.5”)
Weight 990g (34.9oz) 1100g (38.8oz)
Qty / pack Each Each