Manzana M11-DI Citrus Clipper

Manufactured and imported from Spain, the Manzana M11-DI model is the most advanced of the Manzana clippers and is known to cause the least damage to the fruit while harvesting. It has curved and rounded blades to avoid blemishing the fruit and a relief on the counter-blade also helps to prevent scratches.

The blade has a cutting stop that allows the user to place the stem at the appropriate cutting point. This prevents the user from damaging the fruit by placing the tool too far, while also preventing the blade from cutting the fruit behind the stem.

This model is part of the new generation of adjustable shears that eliminates the typical loosening caused by intensive use. 


Manzana M11-DI clipper features


Product item Manzana M11-DI citrus clipper with hook
Best used for harvesting: Oranges, lemons & mandarins
Total length 140mm
Weight 105g
Qty / pack Each


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