Manzana Girdling Tools with 3 Wheels

The Manzana girdlers are outstanding quality products imported from Spain. Girdling is done to increase the yield of fruit trees. The girdling process is executed by three rotating cutting discs. 


  • Each disc completes a third of the girdling process to one branch, so the operator only has to perform a third of the turning, thus reducing the work time. With the traditional girdlers the operator has to perform a turn of at least half of the branch.
  • The rotating discs cut without tearing the fruit tree’s bark, enabling a more precise cut and preventing unnecessary stripping. (Unlike the conventional girdling tool that performed the cut by means of dragging.)
  • Ergonomic handles that provide greater comfort.  


Product item Manzana Girdler - Small Manzana Girdler - Large
Range 20mm to 55mm 50mm to 80mm 
Qty / pack Each Each


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