Flexibands are top quality elastic rubber budding strips used for 'Chip' budding. The strips are biodegradable and therefore subject to a gentle, natural ageing process. 


  1. Biodegradable: on exposure to the environment the strips will degrade naturally and fall off, thereby eliminating labour costs to remove them.
  2. Environmentally friendly: the strips are made from natural ingredients.   
  3. Faster application: no preparation is required. The bands can be applied quickly, as they are pre-cut.
  4. Elastic nature: due to the bands' elasticity, they expand as the plants grow. This allows the strips to continuously keep a tight grip, accelerating the grafting/budding process. 

Storage: always keep the strips out of direct exposure to sunlight and stored under ambient temperature in closed cartons. Exposure to UV and ozone will initiate degradation of the strips. 


Product item Flexibands Type C
Size 200 mm x 10 mm
Qty / pack 7000