Deltex Polyester Wire

Made from polyester (high-quality PET), Deltex wire is an excellent alternative to traditional steel wire. The smooth finish does not damage vegetation. Deltex wire can be used in various scenarios in addition to foliage wire in vineyards, including the following: wind breaks; greenhouses; growing tunnels; shade net installations; flower and ornamental plant support; and hanging lines for drip irrigation lines.


  • Quick to install: knots are only needed at end posts equipped with appropriate clips or holes (no staples or nails required).
  • Easy to handle: does not kink (unlike galvanised wire) and much lighter to carry.
  • Elastic: particularly well suited for vine lifting. Always tightened, even in lower position. Saves time lifting and lowering the wires.
  • Less foliage clips or staples: due to the constant tension, the wire keeps the foliage in place.
  • Less maintenance: maintains constant tension (provided installed correctly: tension = 1% of the length of the row), saving time and labour costs.
  • Accommodates machinery: pre-pruners, harvesters, lifting machines.
  • Easy to repair: simply knot two ends together to join (or use a griddle or crimping sleeve).
  • No corrosion: ideal for use in coastal towns where steel wire is prone to rust.

Watch this Deltex video to see it in use.


    Product item Deltex Wire 2.2mm Deltex Wire 2.6mm
    Reel length 3400m 2600m
    Qty / pack Reel Reel

    Additional Features: 

    • Tensile strength: 60 daN/mm²
    • Elongation at breaking point: 11%
    • Thermal behaviour: wire retains it’s mechanical performance between -40°C and +70°C
    • Serviceable lifespan: up to 30 years subject to geographical and meteorological conditions