Bahco Splitting Axe LS-MERLIN-2.5FG

The Bahco splitting axe has special wedge-shaped blade, which together with its weight, makes it easier to penetrate and split wood. On the opposite side to the blade, the head of the axe is flat, which allows it to be used as a hammer to drive a wedge into the wood (similar to a maul) to help with splitting wood.

The handle is made up of the following 3 components to ensure safety, longevity and comfort: polypropylene handle with fibreglass core and elastomer grip (soft and non-slip). The large suspension hole at the end of the handle makes it easy to hang the axe when not in use. 


Product item Bahco Splitting Axe LS-MERLIN-2.5FG with fibreglass handle
Length 900mm
Total weight 3330g (Head: 2,500g)
Qty / pack Each