ARS 130-DX Pruning Shears

The ARS pruning range is a top quality Japanese brand that uses high quality steel to give their pruners a sharp cutting edge.

The ARS 130-DX pocket pruner is used for light duty pruning, to make cuttings or for use in nurseries. The anatomically shaped handles, together with the angled cutting head makes it easier to get into narrow spaces for precision pruning and is especially suited for smaller hands.

The secateurs' chrome-plated hardened steel blades last longer and withstand rust. The blades also ensure smooth, clean and easy cutting. The rubber buffer and simple locking system allow for ease of use, while still being effective. 


Product item ARS 130-DX Pruning Shears 
Cut capacity 19 mm
Total length 184 mm
Weight 150 g
Qty / pack Each
  •  Other colours available on request: white, green, violet, yellow and pink. (Standard colour = red)