ARS 18cm Folding Saw GR-18L with Curved Blade

The ARS GR-18L folding saw has a curved blade made from high carbon steel with hard Chrome plating, making it incredibly strong and corrosion resistant. The curvature of the blade helps to keep it in place while cutting, so no energy is wasted. The blade locking system has a simple catch, which hooks onto the blade and locks it in place when in use. The blade can be folded away into the handle as a safety precaution when not is use.

The GR-18L folding saw model is slightly larger than the 210-DX model. It has a comfortable grip to help ensure that the user's hand does not slip while sawing.


Product item ARS Folding Saw GR-18L 
Blade length 180mm
Total length 410mm
Weight 160g
Qty / pack Each