ARS Folding Saw 210-DX

The ARS 210-DX folding saw has a blade made from high carbon steel with hard Chrome plating, which makes it extremely strong, while also being corrosion resistant. The blade is patented because of its unique design - the sharp teeth are placed in such a way that allows for quick cutting with less effort.

The handle is an injection-moulded plastic handle, which makes it difficult to break and it has a safety lock to keep the blade open when in use. The blade can be folded away into the handle as a safety precaution when not is use.

The ARS range is a top quality Japanese brand. They use high quality steel which gives their pruners a very good cutting edge. This model is very popular for pruning in the South African vineyard and orchard industry.


Product item ARS Folding Saw 210-DX
Blade length 150mm
Total length 350mm
Weight 140g
Qty / pack Each