Trellising, Tying & Protection


High quality, ultra resilient tie tape that comes in ready to use pre-cut strips. Trellistrip stretches to 300% of its original length without breaking which means it stretches to accommodate more growth. Less need to re-tie because Trellistrip's superior stretch accommodates more growth, the need to re-tie vines when tie tape fails is greatly reduced - saving several costly trips to the field, as well as tie tape costs. No wasted material - due to pre-cut strips. Saves time - No more unrolling and tearing the tape. 3 sizes - 175mm (7"), 250mm (10"), 300mm (12").
  • Packed 1,500 strips per box
  • 175mm (7") - 40 boxes per carton
  • 250mm (10") - 30 boxes per carton
  •  300mm (12") - 25 boxes per carton