Pruning & Harvesting

Bahco Secateur P1-20

The Bahco range is French and offers high quality extensive range of tools.  They are in high demand from discerning gardeners as well as arborists, landscapers and forestry personnel. The Bahco P1-20 is an ergonomically designed garden pruner with a medium handle and a medium cutting head. These pruners are intended for professionals and home gardeners alike. The ergonomic pruners lessen the user’s fatigue in the hands, arms and wrists because all of the blades are placed on an angle to the handles. These angles also alleviate stress on the tendons and nerves when the user is using the pruner. The splayed handle allows the load to be evenly spread across the hand and away from the delicate areas.
  • Right-handed ergonomic pruner
  • Vertical and lateral inclinations maintain the straightness of the arm and hand
  • Replaceable parts
Length 20cm Cut capacity 2cm