Pruning & Harvesting

ARS Pruning Shear CB-8

The ARS range is a top quality Japanese made pruning range.  They use high quality steel which gives their pruners a very good cutting edge. The CB-8 pruners from ARS are very effective pruners with exceptionally sharp blades - even thicker branches or vines can be cut using these shears. The design of the shear allows the blade to open wide, with a relatively small grip opening. The upper handle of the shear is rubber coated to fit comfortably into the palm of the hand, eliminating fatigue. Heavy duty pruning in the orchard, vineyard or any horticultural application is handled with ease. The CB-8 is ideal for most pruning jobs in vineyards, nurseries and landscaping. Length: 20cm Weight: 235g The innovative locking system works on the basis of "squeeze and open". All the user needs to do is press the handles together and the spring-loaded locking catch will open up, allowing you to begin pruning. The catch will then stay open as long as you are busy.
  • 1 per pack