Steel Core Trays

Steel Core Trays with Colour Coded Ends:  WORLD FIRST! Increase visibility by choosing your corporate colour for your core trays, or have a different colour end for your reef interactions and/or different projects. Operates within Health and Safety Standards. Ergonomic and safe handling locations. Increased core access. Inconsequential contamination. Increased efficiencies. Stackable. Quick on-site assembly. Multiple handling points. Integrated digital label. Top/bottom of tray direction marker. Decreased transport, storage and assembly costs. Fits into existing Racking Bays. UV Stabilised Core trays Ends. Water Drainage Holes. Packaging: 25 per box Sizes:
  • PQ = 2.91 Meters Stored, 3 channels
  • HQ = 3.88 Meters Stored, 4 channels
  • NQ / NQ2 = 4.85 Meters Stored, 5 channels
  • BQ = 6.79 Meters Stored, 7 channels
  Prefab Steel Core Trays: Sizes:
  • PQ = 1m x 4 channels
  • HQ = 1m x 6 channels
  • NQ = 1m x 7 channels
  • BQ = 1m x 9 channels