Clear Plastic Sample Bags

Our clear plastic sample bags offer an efficient way to contain rock chips or drill cuttings, as you can quickly see what the bag contains. These bags are ideal for bulk samples, allowing rock chips and drill cuttings to be easily transported for testing, and they also help preserve the samples when storing them over a long period of time.


Size Thickness Qty / pack
150mm x 250mm 50mic 1000
200mm x 300mm 50mic 1000
225mm x 350mm 50mic 1000
300mm x 400mm 75mic 1000
400mm x 500mm 75mic 1000
400mm x 600mm* 100mic 1000
600mm x 900mm** 70mic 1000
  • Other sizes available on request (subject to a minimum order quantity).
  • *Available in 150mic, subject to MOQ, lead times apply.
  • **Available in 150mic or 200mic, subject to MOQ, lead times apply.